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Sandra's outstanding work has appeared in more than 50 publications including Better Homes and Gardens, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Architecture & Design of the West and Colorado Expression plus two HGTV episodes.

  • Home of the Year: Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine
  • Wow Factors for Clients Over 50. Custom Builder.
  • Christmas in Colorado: A Colorado Expression Book. 
  • Renovation Generation - Back to the Ranch. HGTV Episode. Denver, Colorado: High Noon Entertainment.
  • Renovation Generation - Harms/White Residence. HGTV Episode. Denver, Colorado: High Noon Entertainment. 
  • Ranch Revival a la Sandra Clinger. Colorado Expression. 
  • Clements Park Renovation. Colorado Expression. June/July 2008
  • Profile of Sandra Clinger. Architecture & Design of the West. 
  • Deep Soak. The Denver Post.
  • Keep the Best Tradespeople. Custom Builder. 
  • Brewster, Janice. ” Cabin Decor Ideas. Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International Ltd.
  • Reliving History. Better Homes & Gardens. 
  • A Day to Remember. Colorado Homes and Lifestyles.
  • The Bedroom/Bath Experience: Your Buyers’ Private Refuge. Ideas, Sales, and Marketing.
  • Fulweiler, Megan. “Tasteful Traditional.” Ultimate Decorating. Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International Ltd, 2003.
  • Brewster, Janice. “Back to the Land.” Cabin Style. Lincolnwood, IL: Publications International Ltd,  35-36.
  • Keep on Truckin’. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles. November/December 2001.
  • Designer Q&A. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine. 
  • Mastering the Bath. Colorado Homes & Lifestyles. 
  • Hot Baths! Colorado Homes & Lifestyles.
  • Gracious Living, Naomi Neville, Schiffer.
  • Nursery Decor, Ashley Rooney, Schiffer.

Sandra Elizabeth Clinger: 303-388-1565

Sustainable Design on behalf of the Client's Vision... 

Distinctions & Presentations

  • NAHB, National Convention, Meet the Experts & Seminar Speaker, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Orlando
  • Denver Design District, Speaker, “Jewel Box Design.” 
  • HBA Metro Denver, Design Focus, Speaker, 1996/1998/2000/2003  
  • AIA, Historic Interiors Survey Project, Team Coordinator for the Equitable Building  
  • Justice Center, Boulder, Original Mural Design  
  • Macky Auditorium, Boulder, Universal Stage Sets 
  • Phoenix Art Museum, One Artist Show  
  • Denver Design District, Designer Referral Program, Member since 1998  
  • Denver University School of Business, Seminar Speaker  
  • Red Rocks Community College, Seminar Speaker 
  • Home of the Year: Colorado Homes & Lifestyles