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                                                 GOLDEN RULES OF GRANITE CARE

Leather,Tuscan,Caress: New names, new finishes, for modern granite countertops.

As interior designers we enjoy these new soft natural textures, pleasing to the eye, and projecting lower glare.

As homeowners you deserve exquisite beauty and the highest standards of performance, so I offer you are a few simple steps to maintain your natural stone dream.  

· Minimize dirt and grit that may scratch.

· Use a top-protector sealer on granite.

· Over use of soap may leave a film.

· Avoid scouring creams that may scratch, and ammonia that may dull the surface.

· Remove stains with a mild solution of hydrogen peroxide.

· Repairs and polish should be handled by a professional.

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Full Bullnose Edge, Pine, CO

Full Bullnose Edge, Pine, CO

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